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Default Key-Bindings

The following table lists the default key binding. The actual key bindings on your system could be different due to customization.

Navigational keys
space select next page with objects
b select previous page with objects
n select next object
p select previous object
Object manipulation keys first binding
up-arrow move selected object up
down-arrow move selected object down
left-arrow move selected object left
right-arrow move selected object right
Object manipulation keys second binding
up-arrow magnify selected object
down-arrow shrink selected object
left-arrow rotate counterclockwise
right-arrow rotate clockwise
Toggle keys
t toggle between first and second binding
o toggle bounding box only on/off
Modifiers for object manipulation keys
Ctrl manipulate in smaller steps
Alt manipulate in tiny steps
Z no zoom, not centered
z no zoom but center
Ctrl z zoom in on current object
Alt z zoom in even more
r redisplay page (refresh)
q quit

The zoom key 'z' may take a numerical prefix. This number divided by 10 is then the zoom factor. For example, the key sequence 'M-30z' will zoom in on the current object by a factor of 3.

Last modified by Wolfgang Kühn on Mar 27 2005